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Together with Flex Sport, the first and only FIBA partner in Latin America, we offer FIBA-approved sports surfaces for basketball that comply with EN 14904 and ASTM 2772 standards. By working exclusively with the best quality materials and state-of-the-art installation techniques, our goal is to offer basketball courts in Latin America with the same high quality as those from the most competitive leagues worldwide. With the latest innovation, our proposal rethinks the design of a sports floor as a whole, from woods and cushioning systems to nails and polyurethane sealants used for installation. Our floors have undergone rigorous evaluation in independent FIBA-approved laboratories to ensure they have the proper features, and are long lasting and safe for athletes. Our products cover all types of projects, from professional team stadiums to municipal sports centers.
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Basketball Surfaces

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  • . Wooden sports floor
  • . FIBA, EN 14904, ASTM 2772, ISO 9001 approval
  • . Manufactured with North American Maple
  • . ReFlex shock absorbers with self-locking system to guarantee uniformity in ball bounce, shock absorption and vertical deformation
  • . Designed for maximum stability under temperature and humidity variations
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PolyFlex MF


  • . Polyurethane sports floor
  • . FIBA, IHF, EN 14904, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Ecospecifier approvals
  • . Suitable for high transit
  • . Continuous, seamless surface. Moisture resistant
  • . Renewable top layer to extend service life
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  • . PVC sports floor
  • . FIBA, IHF, FIVB, BWF, ITF and ITTF approval
  • . Permanent or removable installation system
  • . Allows combination with wooden sports floors
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