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Does Forbex manufacture or import synthetic grass from other countries?
Forbex has its own factory, and our manufacturing process begins with the best fibers of TenCate Thiolon Grass. We do not import synthetic turf.

Which type of synthetic grass is the most convenient for a mini-soccer field?
It really depends on the type of usage that the surface will be exposed to. It is not the same a training field, that one that will be intensively used, as the ones that are rented per hour. Forbex has products that comply with the needs of every type of fields, for example for clubs and condominiums, both indoors and outdoors.

Which is the best type of synthetic grass for a professional soccer field?
'Forbex 11000 MD' is undoubtedly the best option. It also minimizes the risks of injuries, can be used 365 days a year, regardless of adverse weather conditions, and is very comfortable to the players. Its high resistance to the UV rays allows this type of grass to preserve its color.

Is it mandatory the use of synthetic grass for professional field hockey?
For most national and international competitions it is mandatory, as this type of surface offers a more precise game. For the last Women Field Hockey World Cup, Forbex was hired to construct the field. Forbex has installed over 90% of hockey fields in Argentina.

Are there any rugby fields of synthetic grass?
Yes, in Europe is pretty common. Forbex has built important rugby fields in Spain.

How is the installation process?
Field’s installation is composed of several stages. The first one is to remove the original surface. After this has been done, the surface is leveled, compacted and smoothed in order to build the perimeter beam. Then, an asphalt mixture covers the entire ground and finally, the synthetic grass’ rolls are placed in order to finalize the construction of the field.

Which is the standard size of a soccer field?
Its length varies between 90 and 120 mts, and the width between 45 and 90 mts.

Which is the standard size of a hockey field?
Its length is about 90 mts and the width is about 50 mts. between 45 and 90 mts.

Why should I choose Forbex products?
Because Forbex focuses in manufacture and building international top-level fields. Because we use the best quality raw material and we really care about the construction of each field. Forbex works with the most advanced technology and specialized experienced installers. Our 30 years of experience in fields’ construction and our clients’ satisfaction prove that Forbex does a very good job from day one until the field is done.

In which countries does Forbex work?
Nowadays, Forbex is present in 30 nations: Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru, Canada, México, USA, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panamá, Spain, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Thailand, Yemen and South Africa. To contact us, you can call (54-11) 4919-0999 or use our e-mail info@forbex.com

Does Forbex install in a country where doesn’t have a sales’ representative?
We can develop your project even if we don’t have a representative in your country, as our experienced sales’ staff travels to where is needed, regardless of the distances.

To contact us, you can call (54-11) 4919-0999 or use our e-mail info@forbex.com


Forbex products count with certifications that prove the high quality of our synthetic grass.


Forbex synthetic grass may be seen is six continents where we offer our best solutions, where we build fields and also we take care of them afterwords. Because of the high quantity of fields that Forbex has constructed in Latin America, we are one the most important factory in such region.
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